Kitec Replacement:

We at Cor Mechanical Systems are an experienced company skilled and trained in the replacement of Kitec piping in occupied residences.  This Kitec piping which was used between 1995 and 2007 in buildings and homes was discovered to be defective.  When this defection was discovered, it was found that this Kitec piping eroded quickly, leaving homes and buildings vulnerable to leaks and property damage.

Our solution at Cor Mechanical Systems is to replace this Kitec piping with Uponor tubing, which has been used successfully for many years.  Along with our Engineering team we plan, discuss and organize the replacement of Kitec piping from start to finish.  We strive to ensure Kitec replacement is done at the most cost efficient and least disruptive to the homeowner.  We take every precaution in the planning, execution and clean-up of all the work we do.  At Cor Mechanical Systems we take great pride in the quality of work we perform, ensuring attention to every detail is up to the highest standards for our valued customers.